With the advent of summer and sweat to achieve a body 10 Let’s throw over the sacrificial months to show off bikini with the beach bars and ice cream? Look out for the following tips to stay in shape this holiday.

Tips for staying fit

1. Choose a space in the house and join the exercise. Although it is thought that the room is the best place to exercise, as it is usually the largest room in the house, the ideal is to choose a space that is achieved, over time, to associate with “space exercise”. Thus, this place must be well clear, ventilated, illuminated and have a suitable temperature.

2. Set up goals and have them help you get them. Because not everyone has the same body, the same needs and the same goals, not everyone should do the same exercises.

3. Ask a friend to join you. Exercising in a company helps maintain perseverance, motivation, and enthusiasm . That yes, your ally can not be lazy. Bet on someone energetic and do not forget that your bodies are different and your goals as well.

4. Mentalize yourself to have a daily routine because if it will not be difficult to do a minimum of exercise every day. It is better, for example, to exercise first thing in the morning: it is when you are more relaxed, when fewer interruptions can be found … as the day passes, there are more obstacles to exercise at home: a television program that I want to see, a friend who calls us for a drink …

5. Music, that great ally! Yes, because the music provokes smiles, encourages everyone and helps to get in shape: it gives energy, vigor and desire to exercise. That is why at home it is important to have music because exercising with it will be even more entertaining.

6. Remember that warm-up is critical because it prevents possible injury and predisposes the body and mind to exercise. It is the key to stimulation, and requires at least five minutes. However, warming should not cause fatigue or tiredness, it should serve to relax, seeking to achieve the perfect degree of activation to get to work with the exercises.

7 . It is very important to always stay hydrated. It is essential to take into account some details like wearing breathable sportswear that favors the loss of body heat or always have water at hand. You never have to wait to be thirsty to drink water since the thirst appears when the body is already partially dehydrated.

8. You have to be farsighted and think what we would do if it gives us a heat stroke , something very frequent during the summer. The first thing is to relax and leave a few minutes the exercise is done, hydrate well (water or isotonic drinks) and give small sips, wet a towel a little and moisten the body to lower body temperature. If there is someone at home having help will be easier.

9. Stretch! Once you have done the daily exercises, it is fundamental to stretch your muscles. Stretching not only prevents stiffness, jerks and aches, but also increases physical and mental relaxation and helps to better cope with the day.

10. Now! Enjoy the summer! Because to stay in perfect physical and mental form is fundamental to have fun, enjoy, go out and share the summer with ours. Summer is sunny and joyful and with a little exercise every day it is easy to feel healthy, well and fit.