Seeking to create a warm co-living space!

Posted by: Blimie Weiss on November 9, 2022
Metro Area: Los Angeles


  • Term Length: Long Term

I am a 23 year-old female with a vision. Originally, I came out to Los Angeles for trauma treatment, but would now love to make this city my home. For the past six months, I have been living with women who, like me, are on their own journeys toward lives of love and joy. I have come to realize that one of the vital ingredients for growth and happiness is being surrounded by like-minded people. Now, as I am looking to set up my life in a new place, the options for apartment shares that I have come across all seem to be more about co-existing than about co-living. I want more than that.
Here is what I envision: A group of three to five open minded, fierce, fun, intelligent women living together. We are all determined to make it in life. We don’t want to settle for mediocrity. We want love, connection, and abundance. We are not ashamed to admit that openly. We value deep connection and authenticity. We know that vulnerability is courage. We are constantly working on being more real, improving communication, and moving in the direction of our larger goals. We are ever-evolving. We are independent and work hard at avoiding codependent traps. We value boundaries.
(Of course, we are also flawed, imperfect people who sometimes struggle to work toward these ideals, but at least we know what we want!)
I envision us living in a nice, new or recently renovated house. Lots of light, furnished in earthen tones and neutral colors. Wood furniture; maybe modern farmhouse style. Crisp white linen. Plants and greenery to brighten the spaces. Clean and tidy. Perhaps a warm fireplace or cozy outdoor space with a fire pit.
We like to come together to eat dinner (I love to cook), play board games, and bounce ideas off each other. We sing, we dance, we banter. We like to go places and do things, both independently and occasionally together. We encourage each other to face our fears. We talk about our hopes and dreams. We resolve our conflicts. We celebrate each other’s joys and empathize freely. We look out for one another so we all feel less alone in this big – sometimes scary – world. Most of all, we understand that life will pose challenges, but we are unafraid of hard work. We know that we have what it takes to make it.
All I currently have is a vision, but I am confident in my ability to make it a reality. If you could see what I see and want it as badly as I do, please message me. Together we can make it happen.

Blimie Weiss

I am a female in my mid-twenties who recently relocated to Los Angeles. I am looking for an apartment to share or for people who want to team up to find a place together.  My friends would describe me as dynamic, ambitious, honest, funny, deep, and a good listener. I love to cook, play board games, and explore ideas that matter. Personal growth is a strong value of mine.  I am hoping to find a nice, new-ish or recently renovated space to call home. Cleanliness and tidiness are important to me. Ideally, I’d like to have a private room and bathroom.  I am hoping to find roommates who are looking to connect rather than to simply co-exist. I would love create a warm, supportive, and homey environment together.


Blimie Weiss