$1,600.00 /month

A Tranquil Sanctuary????

Offered Available
Posted by : Adonis Angelo Alexander Lexi Yanulis on June 13, 2022
Metro Area: Los Angeles
Neighborhood: Marina Del Rey
Marina del Rey, California, 90292

About the space

Beautiful, Vintage, Venice Beach Pad High Ceilings, Beautiful Wooden Accents! Steps from the beach, (second floor 2 Flights of stairs, with an open view!, hearing the waves greeting you “Goodmorning/Goodnight!” ????????)

Daily Beach Walks & Gorgeous, Flowery Trails along the canals…accessible within a few steps out the door! ????????????????????? Chill, laidback, beach lifestyle vibes (Skating/Surfing/Swimming/Rollerblading!Biking/Walking/Cycling!) Meditation, BreathWork, SoundBath Healing, Ecstatic Dancing, Conscious, Sober, Queer/LGBTQA friendly Living!

Rent is $1600 per month, for each one of us (with split utilities about $50 each!) 1 Spacious, Master Bedroom, AVAILABLE (with huge wall to wall, walk in Closet), and access to FULL BATHROOM with cozy bathtub ?????? Ceiling fan, BIG windows, with ample cross breeze flow/and natural LIGHT coming through… AKA STELLAR FENG SHUI?????‍♀️??‍♀️?????????????

Everyone in the building/area is super friendly & has been on rent control, for decades!!! HUGE opportunity to jump in and become a Marina Del Rey/Venice Beach local ??????? **for a fraction of the regular, market pricing anywhere in the westside, let alone…as close to the waterfront, as we are!**

Move in date, June 1st! $1600 a month + $1600 deposit (First and last month’s rent!) Needs Good-Great Credit Score & Proof of Income Signing 1 year Lease, then its month to month after that! Landlord, Building Manager, all sweethearts! ☀️☀️☀️?????????????????

Non smoking, non drinking HIGH VIBE, Sacred Space Household ?????????? (Plant based, Clean, Health Conscious lifestyle preferred!) Two tandem parking spots, included plus plenty of free parking in the streets Washer & Drier on premises, with BAR CODE SCAN installed (no need for change!) Full kitchen, with stove and oven Double Door Fridge, plenty of storage/drawers/cupboards AND a functioning Vintage Fireplace! Less than 1 mile, from Erewhon Venice (Mecca of Health Foodies!) and all the cool, fun Abbot Kinney stuff/shops/bakeries/cafes/juiceries/restaurants/boutiques/vintage places/hipster spots!!! (Walking distance, to all those plus the Venice Canals right down the street, the Venice boardwalk, the Venice pier, Pacific & Windward bars/clubs etc.) ????????????? Manifesting a SOUL KIN, tribe-vibe, roommate, who benefits from a peaceful, mindful, zen, cozy living…while enjoying POSITIVE, High Vibes! ????????????☀️☀️☀️?? Someone who appreciates nature, water/the ocean, active lifestyle, spiritual, soul nourishing spaces, that they can retreat to!!! One who Leads a Healthy, Clean, Sober Lifestyle and is actively looking to align with a fellow, like minded, like hearted, kindred spirit, in me! ??‍♂️??‍♂️??????

I’m Adonis Angelo, a 33 year old CIS male, professional astrologer, artistic creative, working in storytelling (writer, director, content creator, actor, model!) as well as professional RideShare Driver (Lyft, Uber!)

Truly a rare, friendly, old school, NEIGHBORHOOD feeling with most tenants and residents being longtime friends & community! ????????????????


  • WiFi
  • Parking space
  • Fireplace

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Vegan / Vegetarian
Spiritual / Conscious
Health Conscious

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Adonis Angelo Alexander Lexi Yanulis

Hey You!!! Let's be best friends forever!!! ☀ I'm your typical, average, Greek Merman My Atlantean/Asian Persuasion is there because, I am very much so, a citizen of the EARTH & of this Universe! 5 Times Pisces, Cancer Rising, Pluto in Scorpio!!! Mars & Jupiter in TAURUS, Mercury in Aquarius! I take people, places! k? so, are u in for the ride??? Dreamer, Nature Enthusiast, into Biking, Swimming, Astrology, Alternative Media, Holistic Health, Consciousness, Spirituality, Ecstatic Dancing, Tantra, Yoga, Surfing! Wanna Meditate with me? Wanna Dance with me into the Night? Family & Friends are the most important to me! I keep it lean, clean, green and schmexy by eating mostly raw plant based and delectably mostly vegan!!! Let me (un)cook for you and send you right into orgasmic Heaven :) You're welcome!!! ha! I wanna know your story, what makes you click, tick and wake up everyday and say YES to LIFE...what makes you long, for more than the mundane? I wanna go deep with YOU!!! Everyday, I have utter Faith, in me and in you, to choose... Love over Fear, Honesty over Masks, Accountability over Indifference! Freedom to be ALL OF YOU over any LABELS!!! It's all beautiful, it's ALL LOVE <3 Be Silly, Be Cuddly, Be Kind, Be Open, Be Wild, Be Free, Be YOU When you me your teeth, I wanna see...I don't care what they look me, You ARE PERFECT!!! :) I AM a Universal (Platonic) Lover of ALL...Affectionate, Accepting & Embracing of everyone and everything, except drugs,alcohol and any harmful, toxic chemicals!!! You have to be willing to dive deep into your own soul, if you wanna find the way to my own heart :) Once you do, I can and WILL Overwhelm you, almost as much as I may heal your deepest & darkest wounds!!! Personally, I've always thought that RULES were meant to broken...People were born to LEAD, not follow and that societal norms are boring as fuck!!! You'll always find me thinking outside the box and/or daydreaming!!! Congrats on being your unique, most awesome a world constructed to numb, transfix and distract you from the precious, oh so wonderful SPARK of the Divine that YOU ARE <3 Now...Let's create MAGIC together, Memories that will last us Lifetimes...or just go on a Sunset Hike...maybe watch a movie or 2 or 3 or 4, or make one, till the SUN is UP?!!! Peace, Love, Light & Faith!!! P.s. I am an Alien Ninja but...ssshhh, don't tell anyone, It's a secret!!! :) <3 P.s. 2 All of this is Who I AM...What I emote for a living, pose for fun and the beauty of higher aesthetics and tell stories (Writer, Model, Actor, Director, Artist) <3 I also drive lyft/uber/rideshare!
Adonis Angelo Alexander Lexi Yanulis


Adonis Angelo Alexander Lexi Yanulis