Artist Studio Space Needed near Woodland Hills

Posted by: Hanna on October 30, 2021


Husband & I started a non profit design studio (Transcendence Inc) and have outgrown our home space for a SHORT TERM project 3-6 months / need space to work on several large canvases..(long term possibly) The paintings are mostly done…now all about gold leafing (no fumes, sprays or mess). It is art rooted in meditation, mantra , yoga, spirituality. Husband ( and few part time artist assistants are all vegetarian, non smoking, non drinking…yogis and yoginis…We need washroom access and a sink, a separate entrance.., high ceilings. You’d have a high vibe project and a few quiet, focused, deeply detail oriented & concentrating high vibe yogi artists -and the rent money on time without full time roomies.. Seeking large clean garage, or rec room/great room, multiple rooms ..other possibilities..interested to explore ..consider? Close to Woodland Hills CA



Currently not seeking living space . Rather seeking art studio space to expand beyond what home can handle. No noise. No fumes. No toxic or messy materials. no drinking, non drugs. Need space for husband's current project & assistants, multiple large easels , high ceilings. devotional, meditative, transcendental art. Short term meed is NOW but could be long term if good fit.