Considerate Artist seeks home in community

Posted by: Sylvia Brallier on April 24, 2022


I’m looking for a place to continue my art and activism work. Having a safe space that is supportive is super important to me. I am a kind and easy-going person and a supportive community member. Creating a home with people where communication done with consciousness makes for such a pleasant environment. I have a service animal. Lucian is very well trained…he has to be to be a service animal. Even if you are renting a home that does not allow dogs they have to allow my dog. However if you’re allergic or have another pet that won’t get along, I certainly understand that! I’m very careful with what I allow him to do because his acceptance means my acceptance anywhere I go. I have many years of experience as a community organizer as well as Someone who has lived in intentional community. I’d be happy to live with others who have similar understandings. I am currently looking for a place starting June 1 but it could be as late as July 1. I need some open space, ocean, wildlands or a park not too terribly far away. I am open to looking for a place with someone else so we could leverage our shared finances. I can afford up to $1500.


Sylvia Brallier

Hi there! I am an artistically oriented person. I love to paint to dance and to compose music. That’s what I spend most of my time doing. For work I’m a media strategist and I’m in LA to pitch a television show. I am easy-going, empathic, compassionate, funny. I am an artistically oriented person. I spend most of my time quietly working on my projects… though I’m happy to cook and have fun with others if that’s what’s happening. I have a 24 lb service dog with excellent manners.


Sylvia Brallier