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Entrepreneur House in South Florida

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Posted by : Patrick Farrell on November 27, 2023
Metro Area: Miami
Neighborhood: Davie
Davie, Florida, 33314

About the space

Join our entrepreneur co-living house in South Florida.

What Makes This House Special?
Being an Entrepreneur House, it’s designed to foster innovation, collaboration, and growth. You won’t just be renting a room; you’ll be joining a community. Here’s what you can expect:

Collaborative Environment: Live with like-minded individuals, all passionate about their ventures and eager to collaborate.
Mastermind Sessions: Regular brainstorming and strategy sessions to help each other grow.
Networking: Build valuable connections within the community and expand your network.
Resource Sharing: Share tools, knowledge, and skills to enhance each other’s businesses.
Ideal For:

Start-up founders
Freelancers looking for a change of environment
Anyone keen on immersing themselves in an entrepreneurial culture
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If you’re keen on taking your entrepreneurial journey to the next level and believe in the power of community and collaboration, this is the place for you!


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  • WiFi
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About Room / House

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Open to

Vegan / Vegetarian
Spiritual / Conscious
Health Conscious
Couples Friendly
Musician Friendly

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Patrick Farrell

Patrick Farrell is a Business and Lifestyle Coach focusing on personal branding and online businesses growth for his clients. He helps entrepreneurs create more freedom in their lives and live in abundance by helping them get clients and run a business with easy & efficient systems. This helps them run their life and business without feeling overwhelmed by technology. His uniqueness is also in helping his clients and members with lifestyle design, connection, and overcoming any internal limitations that might be preventing them from stepping into their power. Patrick’s skills span across technology, social media and personal/business growth. His mission is to unite rising leaders and entrepreneurs so that they can find support for their careers and in their lives. Patrick’s journey has taken him around the world where he has been to countless conferences and personal development events. He is now bringing this wisdom to his clients and members through coaching and Light Club community experiences. Patrick believes in complimenting business and personal growth techniques with actionable strategies that are aligned with his clients’ life missions. He also believes that business should be focused around joy and happiness, both for as a business owner and for their clients and customers; that this is the real magic of creating a heart-centered online business.
Patrick Farrell


Patrick Farrell