Looking for new housemate(s)!

Posted by: Chris on June 8, 2023
Metro Area: Los Angeles


  • Term Length: Either

Hey, everyone! My name is Chris, been in LA about 18 months, and looking for my next home and housemates. I’ve worked in higher education for almost 20 years and am in the process of going out on my own to start a business to support students and young adults with mindset, limiting beliefs, and healing from anxiety and depression. I’m also a musician, which is my greatest passion.

Looking for one or more conscious, spiritual housemates who want to co-create a beautiful, bright, clean, peaceful space together. We all have our own thing going on, but we also connect regularly, share a meal during the week/weekend, hang out a bit, things of that sort. Would like no TV or at least not have it be the focal point of the apartment. No smoking (420 ok but outside), not looking to bring the party home. Open to location, but would like to stay on/near the westside or perhaps Los Feliz/Echo Park/Silver Lake/Eagle Rock/Highland Park areas. Would like to keep my share of rent under 1500, but that will be able to increase in coming months. Don’t care too much about age. More than anything, want to find some like-minded souls to create a positive living experience. Reach out if this sounds like you!



Educator and musician relocating from NY to LA in Fall 2021. Looking for housemate(s) who are into conscious, healthy living who want space to do their own thing but also want to co-create a high-vibe, positive, fun, welcoming home with good communication.