Looking for room in Greater LA Area, including West-side, West Valley, East Ventura Co. and OC

Posted by: Gabriel on November 14, 2021


Hi, I’m looking to rent a room in LA, VC, or OC immediately. About me: I am a classically trained and active practitioner of sacred living, yoga, kung-fu and some dance. I’ve studied and lived with several masters, including from classical yoga, Taoist martial-arts, and Tibetan Buddhist meditation. Also I’m involved with Western temple life, to keep it balanced. These days I’m apprenticing with an awesome Chinese Medical doctor, learning how to do holistic medicine, and I also go to medical school, and have to study a lot so I’m pretty busy but like to relax and chill like a human when I can. For decades I’ve lived and breathed a holistic life, and am dedicated to a really high level good living in harmony with the world! It’d be great to find a room in a like-minded or spiritually oriented place, or just with friendly cool peeps 🙂 I’m looking for $600-800 range in Los Angeles, West-side LA, the West Valley, Ventura County, or OC near Fullerton. Yes, that’s a large area! I teach, or learn in schools or have business in all those places, so I’m looking a large part of the greater LA area. Looking forward to meeting 🙂