NYC Creative seeking room- also available for longterm pet/house/ or baby sitting exchange

Posted by: Kim on March 8, 2023
Metro Area: Los Angeles


  • Term Length: Either

Hi everyone 🙂
I’m currently in Silver lake and I am seeking a private room for a April or Mid April start! I am also offering my services for house/petsitting for anyone who may be in need (this could be in exchange for accommodations.) The house/petsitting can start from March 27th and on- though the timing can be flexible if you need from a bit earlier) I am open to longterm sits. Can also exchange baby sitting services for anyone offering a room!

For the room: My *ideal* budget is 900/month~ flexible. I am open to location. Im currently in Silver lake and love it (the East Side in general) but I also enjoy West Hollywood, Culver City, Santa Monica, Marina Del Rey, etc. Anywhere with nature around. I’m open. It’s just important that where I’m at has a grocery walking distance! (For the housesitting this doesn’t matter as much!) Looking for something with at least 1 month minimum!

The ideal situation would be somewhere that can be quiet as I do get self tapes and wouldn’t want to come off annoying asking people to keep it down lol. But in general I’m fine if you play music, have friends over etc. Just the times i need to tape I hope we can communicate 🙂

Happy to help anyone with selftapes or if folks are looking to be creative. This is only if you would like. I respect boundaries so if you are only looking to open up a room and not looking to engage I am happy to do so. (or to to not?) lol

A super DUPER ideal situation would be a place with an outdoor space or balcony & washer dryer. These aren’t deal breakers at all though, *just hopeful thinking * ?

Im okay if there is something only available for specific period of time (at least 2 weeks would be great but I will take what I can get LOL.)

I don’t drive so anything thats close to transit or has things walking distance within the neighborhood is appreciated. Would be great to have a grocery store within a 10 minute walk but I am open. Looking forward to connecting with you guys!



Im an actress, model, writer/director person doing all the things! Im very chill, clean, and understand boundaries. People have told me I'm funny. I believe them and maybe you should too?? Haha. I was a nanny/caretaker for 5+year and worked with 50+families, including pet care. I love speaking about art, the creative process, sharing perspectives and cooking when allowed to! I can make some very yummy meals for the house. I'm lover of nature, horror, techno, hiking, martial arts appreciator (a plus if you have a bo staf) Also plant based but Im not concerned with what you eat/what you do with your life nor am I judgy- only mentioning in case this is a plus for anyone :) If you don't have a room but enjoyed any of what I said and would like to connect while I'm in LA- please message me! Always seeking a friend for the end of the world ~