Wanted: Family friendly room(s)

Posted by: Cat James on June 13, 2022
Metro Area: Los Angeles


I’d like to find a bedroom for myself and a shared room for kids. Depending on the house, sharing a room with my daughter is okay if the room is larger. My daughter and I are home 3-4 nights a week. We have a very friendly, affectionate, goofy dog, a hypoallergenic breed. I work from home when I am home. I’m quiet, love people, down to earth. My daughter is super caring, social, and gets along with everyone. My dog is an actual muppet.


Cat James

Hi, I’m a single mom of a fairy-like 7 year old girl and dog mom to a muppet-like Goldendoodle. I run a small analytics team for a media company. I also practice and teach yoga and meditation. I deeply believe in conscious community and shared housing, it just makes sense for so many reasons, so I’m super excited about making this shift. I write music and love playing live with other musicians, it would be great to find other musicians to live with, too.


Cat James