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No more living with strangers

No more living with strangers!

It's time to revolutionize the way we think of "roommates" and let go of the days where people share a home but don't have a relationship with each other. We are here to help you find roommates that make you love coming home. Find roommates that are compatible with your lifestyle - whether you're health-conscious, an entrepreneur, student, single parent, artist or more...

Here are a few of our favorite community homes!

Find places that work for you! Different homes for different needs

  • Artist
  • Musician
  • Work-from home
  • Entrepreneur
  • Student
  • Nomad
  • Coliving
  • Single Parent
  • Couples
  • Pets
  • Vegan
  • Older
  • Live-for-trade
  • Nature
  • Urban
  • Eco-village
  • Monthly
  • And more!

How to get started

Join the community by creating a profile and doing a ID verification.
Use our filters to find the right type of home for you and browse through the homes in our community!
Message hosts of homes and see if there is a match!
Join the forums and connect with others!

Why FriendsMates?

Our community is made up of people with some key things in common - the desire to live peacefully, beautifully and connected to others. Moving is hard enough, we make the process of finding the right home easier by guiding you through the process before, during and after you've moved. Over the past 9 years we have grown by word of mouth and we look forward to expand and evolve into new areas.

  • ID Verification and optional background check verification
  • Browse 100% real and active listing
  • Access to a community forum and classifieds
  • Access to discussions about communication, good practices and more...
  • FREE! No fees! No charges!

Frequently asked questions

No - there are no fees to be a member or to list. You don’t book anything through us and instead work the details out amongst yourselves.
You must be 18 and have a current and valid form of ID. We welcome people of all ages and backgrounds.
We are glad you ask. Privacy and safety is a huge concern to us as well and we want to assure you that your info is handled with the highest level of safety and integrity possible.
To protect our community. 
  • We value the integrity of our community, and by requiring an ID verification we are able to weed out scammers and spammers.
  • To be able to provide some help to you in the rare case that something awful happens and the government authorities intervene, we want to be able to effectively serve the cause in the most careful and appropriate way possible and protect our FriendsMates family.
Well, let’s get you into our forums to discuss with the community and see what others have to say! We will do our best to prepare you for the interview, the vetting, the agreements, and more… but life is sometimes imperfect and there are sometimes some learning lessons. But don’t let this scare you… Come join the community and let’s work together to help solve whatever comes up!
No, this is something we are very against. Our vision is led by integrity and service to the community. Please feel free to look through our privacy policy for more info.
At this time we have no revenue stream in place. We believe that the world needs certain services to be accessible and free and we are focusing on this vision. We have no plan to charge you for being a user nor to charge for listing your space and believe in the future we will find creative ways to turn this into something really great! In the meantime… this is for you.
We are in the early stages - which means we have many options for growth. Please feel free to reach out to us if you have a product or service that you think our community would love.

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