Attn: New Roommate – What to Know before You Say Yes!
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You’ve found a home that you like! Congratulations! While the enthusiasm is high, it’s important to know a few key things before you sign the contract and say yes to the new roommate!

Information to Know:

  • Begin with understanding the terms of the rental agreement, whether it’s a month-to-month lease or a full-year commitment and the terms of moving out.
  • Is the person you are talking with the owner, property manager, the sole lease holder, or a current tenant in the home? If you’re taking over a filled room, connect with someone staying in the house and confirm with the person you will be sending your rent to.
  • Clarify the terms of the security deposit in writing to ensure a smooth refund process at the end of your term.

What to do Before Moving In:

  • If you have roommates, engage in pre-move conversations through group Zoom calls or in-person meetings (if safe). Assess their living preferences, the house’s management, and how the house is running overall. You want to make sure the house is functioning and you’re not entering someone else’s mess.
  • Explore potential roommates’ FriendsMates profiles, reading reviews and asking questions as needed to look for compatibility and any potential future complications.

Security Deposit:

  1. Firstly, ensure a signed rental agreement is in place before any money exchange—a crucial step to minimize risk.
  2. Opt for a payment-protected method like PayPal with purchase protection, even if there’s a fee. It’s a safer alternative to checks or cash.

Congratulations! You’re now prepared to embark on your home adventures with FriendsMates.

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