What to Know Before Moving In With Your New FriendsMates
Posted on: April 22nd, 2021 by Alvito Fernandes No Comments

The time has come when you’re about to embark on an exciting new adventure with your new roommate or roommates! It’s easy to get carried away and start planning out new décor, house dinners, and more. However, before you take off too quickly, there are some important pieces of information you should know, and steps you should take to ensure a smooth transition.

Information to Know:


  1. The terms of the rental agreement.
    For example, is your lease month-to-month or a full year lease?
  2. Who the agreement is with.
    Identify if you are coming into agreement with the owner, property manager, or current tenant. If you are looking to take over a filled room, make sure to talk directly to someone who is staying in the house and not only the person leaving. Additionally, confirm that you have spoken to the person you will be paying rent to. If you are looking to take over a current lease, speak with and get permission from the building manager.
  3. The terms of the security deposit.
    Before signing your lease, determine the protocol for getting your full deposit back at the end of your term in writing.


What to do Before Moving In:


  1. If you have roommates, try to talk to all of them ahead of time (we recommend group Zoom calls or in-person meetings if safe and possible). Get to know them a bit, feel out how they like living in the house, and make sure the house is well-managed. Ensure everyone is happy with the current living situation.
  2. Look at your potential roommates’ FriendsMates profiles and read through the reviews. Observe what others have said about them and ask questions if necessary.


Now that you have aligned on what to expect in your new home, it’s time to send the security deposit. Here are some tips to doing so in a safe and effective way:


  1. Make sure there is a signed rental agreement between you and the person in charge before you send any money. Sending a deposit to someone you don’t know is risky.
  2. To minimize risk, we recommend sending your deposit through a payment protected method with purchase protection such as PayPal. There may be a fee; however, you can agree to split the fee and it is less risky than sending a check or cash.


Congratulations! You are now ready to move in with your new FriendsMates and get started on your next home adventures. Are you interested in learning more about vetting potential roommates before moving in? Read our post on Things to Ask in the Roommate Interview.